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I’m Kevin and welcome to my Best Lawn Mower site and Lawn Mower Reviews Blog! :) Why did I choose to blog about it? A lawn mower is every handyman’s best friend, so much so, that the market is filled with lawn mowers.
Best Lawn Mower - Lawn Mower Reviews
I was finding for the best lawn mower to suit my current lawn. Then I realized that I had a huge mountain of information on my previous lawn mowers. So, I compiled all my findings, experts’ recommendations, owners’ reviews and friends’ experiences together. I just thought that it would save you a lot of time and hassle if you can find everything that you need to know about lawn mowers right here! Happy Reading!

How to Pick the Best Lawn Mower

For starters, you have to know what you expect from your lawn mower. What size lawn do you have? Are there any obstacles in your lawn? Is the ground of the lawn flat or sloped? Will you be using the mower on long or short grass?
Now that you’ve answered those questions, pick the type of lawn mower suitable for your lawn!
The types of lawn mowers are mainly:

  1. Reel lawn mower – Pushes by muscle. Lightest and least expensive (somewhere around $100). Best for small lawns and environmentalists.
  2. Rotary lawn mower– Is engine or gas powered. Easier to use on long grass and easier to maintain, but does not mow as cleanly and evenly as reel mowers. They come in two variations:
    • Non-self-propelled – Also called push mowers. Good for smooth and flat medium size lawns. Costs about $150-$200.
    • Self-propelled – Good for uneven lawns because they have power to pull themselves up slopes. ($200-$1800)
  3. Riding lawn mower – Perfect for large lawns because you can drive it around riding on it. ($1500-$2000)
  4. Zero-turn-radius mower – A riding lawn mower with fast turning blades and better maneuverability. If you need to mow very fast and still achieve that smooth and neat look on your lawn, this is for you. Very expensive though ($3500-$4000).

Want to read more about the types of lawn mowers? Click here to go to my short guide.

My Favorite Best Lawn Mower Reviews

Each lawn mower has different capabilities. I’ve picked 4 distinctive and unique lawn mowers which I believe are the best in their categories.

Here are my top picks:

If you would like a complete summary, do check out my lawn mowers reviews blog and best lawn mowers top picks.

What Makes It A Good Lawn Mower?

I’m a rather particular person about my lawn. So having used a few kinds of lawn mowers and sharing experience with my friends, I know what to look for in a lawn mower, be it a reel mower, push mower or riding mower. I find that a good lawn mower must have these important points:

  1. Reliability and durability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Lower Maintenance
  4. Convenience

You can read more about these points here.

Best Lawn Mower Quick Guide

Remember to keep your lawn mower in top form all the time! A good lawn mower will last you a very long time but you have to take care of it. In fact it will work better on your lawn (cleaner cuts).
Don’t go around complaining that your lawn mower keeps breaking down if you couldn’t even spare a few minutes to clean the mower each time after use.
It is not difficult to maintain a lawn mower. The manual that comes with it usually provides some tips, and here are some more for you:

My Best Lawn Mower Top Picks

Well, I hope you enjoyed browsing through my Best Lawn Mower blog and lawn mowers reviews, thank you!